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Due to benign tumors of the uterus (myomas/fibroids), Grace suffered for years from lower abdominal pain as well as heavy inter- and menstrual bleeding. Nevertheless, she could not be convinced of the therapy for a long time because of her great fear of surgery.


Eventually she was so severely anaemic that surgery was urgently needed and she agreed to it. In the meantime, however, her lab results were so bad that she needed blood supplies as without these she would most likely not survive a surgery. In Kenya there is no central blood bank for this, but patients or relatives must find volunteers themselves if a blood donation is necessary.

Thus, we first organized a blood donation campaign in which many of our former patients, who could be helped in the past with your support, fortunately, now also took part. Finally, the surgery could be performed and the tumors were removed. The cell biological examination, as expected, revealed benign tumors, so Grace is cured today.

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