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The emergence of the new
Kingston Hospitals


2012 - 2013

In 2012, the construction of Kingston Hospital was able to start from private funds Dr. C. K. Cheruiyots. First step was the construction of the foundation walls in extension of the walls that have been on the property for years. The following year, Maria, accompanied by Theresa Tuschl, who offered her support and who has also been a member of the board since then, travelled to Likoni for the second time to discuss the exact planning and further procedure. In February 2013, the construction of the roof began. The ceiling of the first floor had to be concreted during the night because the temperatures during the day were too high for this.

2014 Hebauf (12).JPG



One year later, in February 2014, we celebrated a classic German "Hebauf" (topping-out ceremony) with Viennese sausages and potato salad. The next step was to build partitions, windows, doors, and the floor. We were able to almost finish the interior work completely in March 2014. Besides, the foundation walls for the first flooras well as the volunteer house was also built. A 3000-litre water tank was installed on the roof, so that there is running water in the whole hospital since 12/13/2014. On December 17th, 2014, Dr. Cheruiyot and nurse Joyce Naftal finally started their first shift at the new Kingston Hospital.


In March 2015, the facade of the building was completed. It now bears the inscription "Kingston Likoni - Healthcare for all", so that it is recognisable to everyone as a hospital with our mission statement of providing health care for all people. New clothes for the staff in matching colours for the new Kingston Hospital were sewn, new wardrobes were made, and chairs, beds, IV stands, a birthing bed and much more were purchased.



In 2016, the planning of the first floor took place, which should offer the possibility for larger operations in the future. For this purpose, our team visited other hospitals and operating theaters in Mombasa. In addition, the electricity and water pipes on the first floor have already been laid.


In March 2017, the first floor was almost completely finished: Walls were painted, lamps and curtains were installed and doors and windows were fitted. Other important furnishings such as beds, bedside tables and IV stands were purchased. In addition, the construction of two more rooms above the volunteer house began.



In 2018 we mainly focused on improving the roof. As there was only a flat concrete roof on the hospital until then, the hospital was not adequately protected during the rainy season. Accordingly, the planning and conversion to a pitched roof was carried out. In 2018, we also sent larger quantities of material from Germany to Mombasa by plane for the first time. A total of 20 boxes - 400kg. Including a sterilizer, instruments and many important medical materials.


The operating theater could be equipped with an operating table and an operating lamp. Since then, small surgical interventions can be performed there. A staff kitchen was built, the patient rooms on the first floor can be occupied, disinfectant dispensers were installed throughout the building and the material room was equipped. For the first time, imaging diagnostics is possible at Kingston Hospital through the purchase of an ultrasound machine. As a further step towards the commissioning of the operating theatre, we were able to acquire the two plots of land next to the hospital in order to build a ramp there, which should now enable the transport of patients in a lying position to the upper floors.  Wifi was integrated to improve communication with the NGO and to enable a hospital information system in the future. The rooms above the volunteer house were completed.

2019 (14).JPG


The construction of the ramp for the lying transport began. This now leads to the first floor. The hospital information system could be installed and implemented. A new electrocardiogram allows further diagnostics.

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