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Project GM Account

The GM Account, standing for "German Maria Account" (named after the NGO’s chairwoman Maria Sedlmair), is the financing project of our patient care. By working together with the local population, we can identify people in need and register them in the account. Registered people can then be cared for free of charge at Kingston Hospital in case of illness. The treatment costs are covered by your support and paid to the Kingston Hospital, so that this local hospital in the structurally weak region can be economically self-sufficient.

At present, more than 500 patients are registered in this account. Even patients in need of help who do not come from the direct region can be admitted after verification. These include for example the children and teachers of the Little Angels eV orphanage which cooperates with us, but also some street children from the centre of Mombasa.



After a sports injury to his knee at the age of 17, the now 47-year-old taxi driver Limo was not properly treated. At that time, our NGO did not yet exist, so Limo was only given a bandage due to a lack of adequate diagnostics and therapy.

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