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After a sports injury to his knee at the age of 17, the now 47-year-old taxi driver Limo was not properly treated. At that time, our NGO did not yet exist, so Limo was only given a bandage due to a lack of adequate diagnostics and therapy. Over the years, a massive knee deformity developed, with consecutive increasing damage to the knee due to the incorrect weight bearing. Massive swelling and severe pain were the result.



Eventually Limo could no longer pursue his profession. Because he could no longer feed his family, his wife separated from him. Thus, he has not seen his three children for six years now. Friends have supported him since then with food and money. One of these friends is the owner and chief physician of theKingston Hospital , Dr. C. K. Cheruiyot, on whose property Limo is currently living free of charge.


In the first years of the project, we were able to relieve Limo's complaints with painkillers, crutches and bandages until, finally, in January 2019, your support enabled the surgical implantation of a knee prosthesis in a specialised clinic in Kijabe (Western Kenya). Thanks to subsequent physiotherapy, Limo is now able to walk without any problems and also to resume his profession as a taxi driver.


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