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Our projects

Basic idea

Due to the socio-economic structure of the region, there is a lack of hospitals in and around Likoni with facilities for further diagnostics, such us, ultrasound or X-ray examinations, as well as adequate treatment including surgeries.

In order to counteract this structurally and to make these diagnostic and treatment options available to patients who otherwise cannot afford them for, the NGO Likoni - Healthcare for all e.V . has been working since 2012 together with the Kenyan doctor Dr. C. K. Cheruiyot on the realization of the Kingston Hospital project, which entirely in the name of the association - wants to provide medical care for everyone. This project stands for the fact that health care should not be a privilege for those who can afford it, but should be given to everyone who needs it.


Most of our patients come from the region in and around Likoni. Many of them have a very low and irregular income, which is why they usually cannot pay for care in case of illness. Although there are a few health insurance companies in Kenya, even the minimum tariff is often not payable for our patients, while the insurance companies on the other hand often only cover very few services anyway. Therefore, we cover healthcare costs of needy patients via the GM account.

The region, which we support structurally and is the catchment area of the Kingston Hospital, belongs to Mombasa County in Kenya. Mombasa County comprises the direct city of Mombasa as well as several suburbs. Likoni is one of these suburbs and location of the Kingston Hospital. Most of our patients come from Timbwani, a village community in Likoni. You can read about the special challenges of this region below.

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